Norton Lees

There’s some debate about the areas defined by Norton Lees given that there seems overlap with Norton Woodseats, Norton and Meersbrook.  Norton Lees was once a tiny village in the parish of Norton which included a large part of what is now southern Sheffield, and at the edges of the valleys cut by the Sheaf and its tributary the Meers Brook. Norton in the sixteenth century was the principal scythe making community in the North of England. Within the area is the Thorpe House housing estate, a popular development built in the 1930s. The tree-lined roads generous sized gardens, and numerous 3 bedroom semi detached house with gardens are popular with families of all ages through to retired people.

The Brindley council housing estate also lies alongside Warminster Road, built in 1976–1977. Unlike numerous other examples of council housing, built with row after row of identical houses, this estate was built with curving roads, open communal areas and footpaths and so was popular with tenants. 

Here are some maps showing how the estate has developed.